Whatever we need to know, understand or learn – we just do a google search, read the content of top few sites or watch the top few videos, and we are done! Learning has never been so easy and quick. But is that really the case in all situations?

I was recently trying to understand how to raise funds for one of my products. I wanted to understand who are the active investors in my field and preferably in my city; what are these investors generally looking for in the team, in the product and in the pitch; what is the best way to approach these investors and who are their key contacts; and what portion of equity they would typically be looking for. I spent days trying to gather the information on the internet but still came out mostly clueless. If only there was someone who was part of the startup circuit and easily available to consult, I could have talked to him on phone and understood the whole thing in a much faster and much more comprehensive way. I would be willing to pay him good amount of money for this information.

In another instance, I was looking to travel to a country I had never been before, with my wife and my kids. I wanted to understand the best places I should visit for our preferences and our time and money constraints; what modes of travel and transport I should typically use within the country; how to make the bookings; are the places generally safe for visitors or do I need to take any precautions; what kind of food is available; what kind of family activities are available; etc. For a five day travel I spent three days just researching on the internet! It was really frustrating to not have all the information in one place. Again, if there was someone I could consult, it would save me all the work.

Internet probably has detailed information for all the questions I had, but definitely not in one place. Whatever information I gathered was widely scattered across pages and forums and videos and it is a considerable effort to piece it all together. In such situations, it might be better to consult people who are either experts in the field or have experienced the things we are yet to face. With exceptional artificial-intelligence breakthroughs, internet might one day present the information in exactly the way we want, but until then human beings might be our best bet.

To make this bet better, we have created a marketplace called AskMasters where people who are experts or experienced in various fields can make themselves available for consulting, and those who need information from them can easily book a phone call with them and gain the required knowledge.