Data Extraction and Enrichment

With new protocols of communication coming up every day, it is quite expected that different clients and vendors provide information in different formats – Plain text, CSV, PDF, Excel, Html, Xml, FIX, SWIFT and many more. However, assimilating the information from these heterogenous sources and putting it to some meaningful use is a major challenge. A lot of money, operational energy and system resources are spent in bringing consistency to this data, though only to realize later the limitations, when more sources of information are added.

Akribia can help you overcome this challenge by providing high quality data extraction and enrichment services in an effective and efficient manner. With our expertise, experience and some very powerful internal tools, we can help you discipline your data so that you can remain focused on your business.

You can also take a look at our home grown IntelliGet application which is being used by hundreds of businesses across the world to extract data from various kinds of files

Enterprise Data Integration

Integrating enterprise data has been one of the biggest IT challenges of a large number of firms. With different lines of businesses managing their own systems, there is always going to be some data redundancy, some data inconsistency, some process duplication and a huge need to combine information across them.

Data integration is a necessary evil which needs to be dealt with with utmost care and diligence. Arriving at an optimal solution is a very complex process depending on a variety of factors including the disparity in data, the volume of data, the underlying systems, the acceptable time delay for updates, the resources available and the budget constraints.

Akribia brings a wealth of experience in data integration along with domain knowledge of a lot of businesses. We specialize in various replication models, ETL methodologies, data warehousing and virtualization to help you with a solution and fits your needs perfectly

Business Analytics

Gain useful insights about your business with our proprietary data analytics tools which are extraordinarily fast, flexible and powerful. With minimal configurations and in just a few run cycles, you can get all the important parameters and how they affect your business

The usual machine learning exercise is a very cumbersome and tiring process. From variable discovery to weight adjustments to cross validation, everything requires a lot of hit and trial and fine tuning running into days and months. Even if you start getting good results, the physical significance of the model is too hazy.

Akribia has a very different approach to this. We have a fully automated and integrated process right from variable discovery to prediction. You can not only predict output with high accuracy and great ease but also clearly understand the relevance of the model to help you tune the business parameters.

Performance Tuning

A large number of enterprise and web applications often fail the production demands despite having a very good design, user interface and business logic. The leading cause of this phenomenon is – inadequate database performance. As the database grows so does the slowness of the system. However, developers find nothing wrong with the design or queries, administrators find nothing wrong with the configurations and the cause is collectively reported as either too much of data or lack of system resources. This is usually followed by companies spending big on either rewriting the system or purchasing new hardware or both.

This in most cases is completely avoidable. Akribia has extensive experience in rejuvenating databases and applications that had almost come to a halt and had been completely written off. We have deep expertise in Sybase, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL and MySQL and a keen sense of identifying the primary bottlenecks of a system. If you too have been advised by your team to throw off your existing database, it is time to think once again.

Web application development

In addition to our strong data management experience, we have added a lot of skills in past few years to our web development team (both desktop and mobile). We have developed dozens of very complex, transactional, responsive custom web applications for our clients.

One of our very small js api’s very popular with the enterprise clients is SlickDate. You can take a look and let us know your feedback