In a lot of situations, PDF files or PDF reports could be your best source of data and many a times your only source of data. As long as this data is meant for human reading, there is no better format than PDF. However, as soon as you need to store this data in your systems, there is nothing worse.

A lot of organizations employ hundreds of people to read the PDF Order Sheets, Quotations, Invoices, Bank Statements, Vendor Reports etc and manually key in the data with the help of some copy paste. Some sophisticated ones use PDF to Text or PDF to CSV/Excel converters to bring the data in a format that can be manipulated a little more easily. However even with these extractors, most cannot get away with significant manual intervention. The extracted files have to be further formatted and cleaned up manually. The reason is simple – PDFs do not contain text in a structured manner. Any attempt of programmatically reading and parsing PDF files and automatically converting them to CSV files in a generic way is going to be futile.

What we have done is created a tool that understands this limitation. IntelliGet first processes the PDF file and converts it into the text format. It then lets you define how you want to further restructure the text data to bring it into a CSV of your choice. The strength of IntelliGet is in the way it lets you define this parsing and conversion. There is a small set of keywords that you use to do this but it is so powerful that you won’t need any further manual processing at all. Just define the structure once and use it to process as many files as you want.

Some of the key features of IntelliGet are:

  • Extract data from Text, PDF, CSV, HTML, XML files
  • Filter lines and/or columns with specific words or other conditions
  • Extract Email addresses or URLs from unstructured text
  • Convert a Report meant for human reading to a CSV
  • Restructure information from multiple lines to a single line or vice versa
  • Search-Replace from multiple files in one go and merge output if required
  • Enterprise strength. Process hundreds of files in a minute.
  • Command line utility enables easy scheduling and automation
  • Convert data to industry specific formats: Fixed-Width, Delimited, XML, FIX, SWIFT, ANSI305, etc
  • Numerous examples to get you going in 2 minutes. 24×7 free support

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If you are still not sure or need help in extracting data from your file, just send an email to providing your input file along with a brief description of how you want the output file to be. We will get back to you within a day.