Converting files from the Adobe PDF format to CSV or to the Microsoft Excel format is a need that a great number of organizations and individuals have, but an easy one-click automated solution still remains elusive. The reason is simple – PDFs do not contain data elements in a way that their position on canvas can be easily determined (explained well here and here. Any attempt to create a software, that can read and parse any kind of PDF files and automatically convert the relevant data to CSV, is going to be futile.

So what we have done is created a tool that understands this limitation and lets you define in an intuitive way what information needs to be extracted and how it needs to be placed in the output file. IntelliGet first processes the PDF file and converts it into plain text format. Then with a small set of keywords, you can define the whole input and output structure. You can use IntelliGet to extract data from your PDF Order Sheets, Quotations, Invoices, Bank Statements, Vendor Reports etc. Just define the structure once and extract from as many files as you want.

Some of the things that can be easily accomplished with IntelliGet are:

  • Remove Page Headers, Page Footers, Section Headers, Section Footers
  • Define lines or group of lines to be extracted based on keywords, line properties, position in file or section, properties of preceding/following data, etc
  • Define words or phrases to be extracted from lines of choice based on position, word characteristics, expressions, etc
  • Replace contents of the extracted data based on some rules or lookup lists
  • Define which extracted data to put where in the output. Data extracted from headers, various sections and/or various lines can be easily combined into a single line

IntelliGet provides you complete control on the structure of your input and output files. It is Enterprise strength and can process hundreds of files in a minute.It comes with a Command line utility which enables easy scheduling and automation. There are numerous examples included in the application to get you going in a matter of minutes. If you face any issues, there is 24×7 free support available.

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